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Automatic Detection of Vasculature from the Images of Human Retina Using CLAHE and Bitplane Decomposition

Ashok kumar.T, Priya S, Varghese Paul


Retinal blood vessel detection and extraction is an essential step in understanding several eye related pathologies. It is the key in automatic screening systems for retinal abnormalities. We present a novel yet simple approach to the detection and segmentation of vasculature from the fundus images of the human retina. For the detection and extraction of blood vessels, the green channel of the image is separated. The green channel is preprocessed for a better contrast by using contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization (CLAHE) and mathematical morphology. On applying bitplane decomposition, bitplane 2 is found to carry important information on the topology of retinal vasculature. A series of morphological operations on bitplane 2 segment the vasculature accurately. The proposed algorithm is computationally simple and does not require a prior knowledge of other retinal features like optic disc and macula. The algorithm has been evaluated on a subset of MESSIDOR and DRIVE image databases with various visual qualities. Robustness with respect to changes in the parameters of the algorithm has been examined.  


adaptive histogram equalization; bitplane decomposition; bottom hat transform; fundus images

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