Primary Synovial Sarcoma of Testis: a case report and review of literature.

Adnan Khosravi, Zahra Esfahani-Monfared, Sharareh Seifi, Babak Salimi, Angham Aminnasab, Vahid Fallah Azad



Primary synovial  sarcoma of testis  is extremely rare neoplasm. We are going to describe a very rare presentation of  primary synovial sarcoma originated from  testis.

Presentation of case:

 A 57year-old man presented with painless left testicular mass. Ultrasonography revealed a large testicular mass in the inguinal region; therefore, the patient underwent radical surgical excision of the tumor followed by  adjuvant chemotherapy. One year after treatment, he was having a favorable life quality and no evidence of  recurrence was documented.


Testicular Synovial sarcoma is a very rare and  slow growing malignancy that must be considered in the differential diagnosis of testicular mass.


Synovial sarcoma, Testis, Chemotherapy


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