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Acute Pancreatitis and Diabetes Mellitus Caused by Dengue

Sreenivasa Rao Sudulagunta, Mahesh Babu Sodalagunta, Shyamala Krishnaswamy Kothandapani, Mohammed Aheta Sham


In this article, an aramid of 4,4′-(1,3-phenylenedioxy)dianiline and terephthaloyl chloride was prepared. Afterwards, Nylon 6/6 and aramid were used to prepare sol-gel coated and non-coated blend fibers reinforced with nanodiamond (ND). In this way, four types of fibers were fabricated i.e. aramid/Nylon 6/6 fibers (Ar/N66) and aramid/Nylon 6/6/nanodiamond fibers (Ar/N66//ND) and sol-gel coated s-Ar/N66 and s-Ar/N66//ND fibers. The fibers were fabricated via Brabender single screw extruder at 200 °C. The Ar/N66 and Ar/N66//ND fibers were coated by means of simple dip-coating technique. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy was used for structural characterization. Scanning electron microscopic images of non-coated and sol-gel coated fibers were scanned for morphological comparison. Glass transition temperature of the sol gel s-Ar/N66 fibers increased up to 232 °C, while that of s-Ar/N66//ND was enhanced to 240 °C relative to neat fibers. Moreover, the sol-gel coated s-Ar/N66//ND (8.08%) fibers had higher water absorbing tendency than non-coated Ar/N66//ND (7.66 %).


Dengue shock syndrome, Acute pancreatitis, Diabetes Mellitus

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