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Clear Cell Meningioma: A Rare Great Mimicker

SEVİNÇ ŞAHİN, Koray Öztürk, Selda Seçkin


Introduction: Clear cell meningioma is an infrequent, agressive variant of meningioma that shows proclivity to the spine. This study aimed to report a case of clear cell meningioma of the lumbar spine and discuss the differential diagnosis, and emphasize the necessity and usefulness of immunohistochemistry for definite diagnosis.

Case report: A 23-year-old man admitted to the Department of Neurosurgery with backache existed for about 4 years. Magnetic Resonance Imaging revealed a well-circumscribed intradural and extramedullary mass in the spinal canal at the 5th lumbar vertebra extending to the right neural foramen. The lesion was excised gross totally and diagnosed as “clear cell meningioma”. The patient has been doing well for a year without any sign of recurrence.

Discussion: Clear cell meningioma should be considered in the differential diagnosis of the masses located in the spine radiologically. In addition, the histopathological mimickers of it that are composed of clear cells, particularly renal cell carcinoma, should be ruled out by the aid of immunohistochemistry.


Clear cell meningioma; Differential diagnosis; Immunohistochemistry; Spine tumor


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