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Duodenal Duplication Cyst with Recurrent Acute Pancreatitis: Report of a Case

Ömer Vedat Ünalp, Alper Uğuz, Mutlu Ünver, Avni Can Karaca, Halit Batuhan Demir, Taylan Özgür Sezer, Murat Sözbilen


Introduction:Duplication cyst can be occurred in any level of GI tract but the duodenal cysts are extremely rare. Most of the duplication cysts are detected in children. Duodenum duplication cysts are difficult to diagnose, as the presenting symptoms are nonspecific and are closely related to the type, size and location of the lesion. Both CT imaging and MRI can adequately identify a duodenal duplication cyst.

Presentation of the case: We report an adult with recurrent episodes of acute pancreatitis who was diagnosed with ERCP. With the diagnosis of duodenal duplication cyst, we planned to perform surgical resection of the cyst.

Conclusions: The surgical intervention for duodenal duplication cyst includes complete or partial surgical resection of the cyst. The location of the cysts in relation to the duodenum, especially to the ampulla, is important to determine the treatment strategy. Alternatively, duodenum duplication can be safely and effectively treated by different endoscopic interventions.


Duplication cyst, pancreatitis, duodenal

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