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The Effect of DNA Methylation Modification Polymorphism of Corn Seeds on Their Germination Rate, Seedling Resistance and Adaptive Capacity under UV-C Exposure

Darina Sokolova, Galina Vengzhen, Alexandra Petrovna Kravets


Relations between epigenetic polymorphism of corn seeds, their germination rate, resistance and adaptation under UV-C exposure have been investigated. Association of various seed germination rate with the original differences in chromosome aberration yield and methylation patterns of transcribed and satellite DNA have been shown. In two series of experiments involving а аcute single and repetitive UV-C exposure according to the scheme «adaptive - challenging», the investigation of possible biological importance of epigenetic polymorphism has been performed. Significant differences have been established in chromosome aberration yield and methylation pattern changes in satellite and transcribed DNA of seedlings from fast- and slowly-growing seeds under UV-C exposure. This data indicate existence of various resistances to UV-C exposure and adaptive capacity of seedlings from seeds with different epigenomes.


epigenetic polymorphism; germination rate; DNA methylation pattern; transcribed DNA; satellite DNA; stress factor response

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