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The Role of Free Fibula Flap in the Reconstruction of a Mandibular Ameloblastoma: A Case Report

Narjiss Akerzoul, Saliha Chbicheb, Wafaa Elwady


Introduction: The ameloblastoma is a rare odontogenic tumor of the oral cavity. It affects more the mandible than the maxilla, and has a predilection for the posterior region. Although this tumor is benign, its behavior is locally aggressive and requires the most often surgical resection margin.
Case  Report: A young woman aged 28,  has consulted the Oral Surgery Department of Rabat, complaining of a  right mandibular swelling, extended from the 46 to the right mandibular ramus, lasting for eight months. The intraoral examination revealed a swelling covered of a mucosa of normal appearance.  Panoramic radiograph revealed the presence of a multi-geodic lesion at the right hemi-mandible. A biopsy was performed at the level of the lesion and concluded an ameloblastoma. The patient was subsequently referred to the Maxillofacial Surgery Service of the Hospital of Specialties of Rabat. Two teams, one of maxillofacial surgery and another one for vascular surgery, collaborated to perform a hemi-mandibulectomy with a free fibula flap graft.

Conclusion : The free fibula osteocutaneous flap is the most versatile and reliable option for microsurgical reconstruction of large mandibular defects.


Free Fibula Flap; Ameloblastoma; Mandibular Reconstruction


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