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Necrotizing Sialometaplasia of the Hard Palate: A Case Report Observed at the University Teaching Hospital of Yaounde

Bengondo Messanga Charles, Nokam Abena Marie, Ntep Ntep David Bienvenue, Kenna Ernest, Mendouga Menye Coralie


Introduction: Necrotising sialometaplasia is a rare inflammatory pathology of accessory salivary glands. It occurs exceptionally on the other main salivary glands. The aetiology remains to be determined.

Presentation of the case: We report the case of a 37-year-old patient who came to consult for a wound and oral pain that had been evolving for 4 months. Exobuccal examination showed nothing peculiar.

The intraoral examination showed an ulceration of the palatal mucosa, non-indurated, elevated, with a yellow background. Despite these signs and the absence of a history of alcohol and tobacco consumption, bleeding and lymphadenopathy, we evoked the diagnosis squamous cell carcinoma of palate.

Conclusion: An excision biopsy was performed to confirm the diagnosis of necrotising sialometaplasia. The postoperative course was simple. In front of a palatal ulcer with raised mucosa, not indurated, not bleeding, with a yellowish background, it is necessary to think of a sialometaplasia.


necrotising sialometaplasia; squamous cell carcinoma; neoplastic ulceration


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