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Familial Kartageners Syndrome: A Case Report

GULL MOHAMMAD bhat, Hakim irfan showkat, arif hussain sarmast, basharat mujtaba jan, NASEER CHO


In recurrent lower respiratory tract infections the cause may be either general impairment of immune mechanism, abnormalities of mucus or abnormalities of cilia.

We report a case where the patient was having recurrent lower and upper respiratory tract infections and had situs Inversus totalis. Kartagener’s syndrome is an inherited disorder transmitted in autosomal recessive manner with variable penetrance. There is no specific treatment for this condition but failure to recognize the condition early in life may subject the patient to unnecessary repeated admissions and investigations and inappropriate treatment.


Kartagener’s Syndrome; Dextrocardia; Situs Inversus; Bronchiectasis; Sinusitis

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