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Rare Axillary Sebaceous Cyst Carcinoma: A Case Report with review of literature

Ashok Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar Tripathi, Vijay Kumar, Goonj Johri, Sandeep Kumar Singh, Gyan Chand


Introduction: Sebaceous Cyst carcinoma (SCC) is a rare aggressive skin cancer derived from the epithelium of sebaceous glands. Sebaceous cyst carcinoma accounts to <1% of cutaneous malignancy. Sebaceous cyst carcinomas are generally divided into those occurring in ocular (75%) or extraocular locations. SCC is very rare in axilla and confused with secondaries from breast carcinoma or lymphoma.

Presentation of the case: Here we are presenting a case of 38 year old male, who presented with painless, progressive swelling on left axilla from one year. He was evaluated with ultrasound breast and axilla and a fine needle ultrasound from the swelling. The FNA of ulcerated lesion in the left axilla showed positive malignant epithelial cells. The tumour cells display oval hyperchromatic to vesicular nuclei with moderate nuclear pleomorphism, conspicuous nucleoli in places and scant cytoplasm. The tumour cells are strongly immunoreactive for CK7, EMA, and CD10, weakly and focally reactive for CK20, and non-reactive for vimentin.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Sebaceous Cell Carcinoma is a rare and aggressive malignancy. The fumigating mass in the axilla may rarely be a sebaceous cyst carcinoma, may present with or without breast lump, prognosis is very poor therefore should be treated aggressively and adequately.


sebaceous Cyst carcinoma (SCC); axilla, malignancy; immunoreactivity

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