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Isolated Parotid Metastasis from Small Cell Lung Cancer

Stephani Wang, Wei Wang, Syed Mehdi


Worldwide, lung cancer accounts for the most cancer mortality in both men and women with 1.6 million deaths in 2012. Small cell lung cancer usually present as a disseminated disease in over 70% of the patients. Common site of metastasis include liver, adrenal, bone and brain. However, metastasis to parotid gland is uncommon described only in case reports. A 75-year old male presented with a mass on right parotid gland, biopsy confirmed metastatic small cell carcinoma. CT chest showed 5.5cm right hilar mass and mediastinal adenopathy T2bN2M1b, stage IV disease. He underwent chemotherapy Carboplatin and Etoposide. Small cell lung cancer diagnosed from isolated metastasis to parotid gland is rare. Physicians should be aware of pulmonary source when presented with a parotid tumor. Overall, the finding has a poor prognosis but main modality of treatment is palliative with systemic chemotherapy and possible irradiation for symptomatic control. 


small cell lung cancer, parotid gland, metastasis

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