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Advanced Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Case Report

Suwarna Dangore- Khasbage, Rahul Bhowate, Neha Agrawal


Introduction- Oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer globally with a wide geographic variation.  In India, there is a trend towards increasing incidence and delayed presentation of oral cancer as approximately 50% patients present at stage III or IV where the lower socioeconomic strata of society play a vital role.

Presentation of Case A 35 years’ male reported with the complaint of rapidly increasing ulcer in mandible. Extraoral examination revealed presence of hard nodular swelling with orocutaneous perforation while on Intraoral examination an ulcero-infiltrative, indurated lesion was present. The diagnosis was confirmed by histopathopathological examination after radiographic evaluation.

Conclusion- Despite an improvement in diagnostic and management techniques, the age-standardized mortality rates in oral cancer are constant. This article describes a case of advanced oral squamous cell carcinoma occurring at early age with an emphasis on clinical aspects of squamous cell carcinoma.


OSCC; Symptoms; Diagnostic delay

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