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A Unique Case Report of Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy Associated With Endometrial Cancer and Literature Review.

Yolanda Pina, Sowmya Nanjappa, Ebone'D Hill


Introduction:  In this manuscript, we present an oncological case of hypertrophic osteoarthropathy (HOA) associated with endometrial cancer.

Presentation of the case:  A 46 year-old woman with a history of endometrial cancer (ER+/PR+) presented with hemoptysis and severe diffuse muscle and joint pain, intractable to hydromorphone and non-steroidal-anti-inflammatories. She was diffusely tender to palpation, prominently in the bilateral lower extremities. Bone scintigraphy showed diffuse osteoblastic activity in all extremities, most prominent in the tibiae, concordant with HOA.  Patient was treated with zoledronic acid (ZA) and ketorolac, achieving adequate pain control. 

Conclusion:  HOA has been associated with multiple primary malignancies, as well as other medical conditions.  Its association with endometrial cancer has been rarely described in the literature.  The pathophysiology of this disorder is poorly understood.  More studies are needed to further enhance our understanding of this rare disease.


Hypertrophic; osteoarthropathy; endometrial cancer; malignancy; pain control; zoledronic acid

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