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Chondrosarcoma of the Sternum Treated with En Bloc Resection: A Case Report

João Isidro Fracasso, Guilherme Baroni de Macedo, Leonardo Piori, Cássia Beltrame, Antônio Benincá Albuquerque, André Luca Boeira Rovani, Daniel Navarini


Introduction: Chondrosarcomas are malignant neoplasms of cartilaginous mesenchymal. The diagnosis is based on a complete radiological examination. The treatment of choice is surgical, being the only curative option due to the resistance of the lesions to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Case presentation: 66-year-old male patient presenting chest pain, dry cough and occasional dyspnea, diagnosed with sternal chondrosarcoma and treated with en bloc resection of the tumor mass.

Conclusion: A primary chondrosarcoma of the sternum was treated with resection of the anterior costal railing, pericardium, tumor mass and partial sternectomy, en bloc. Reconstruction was performed using Marlex microporous mesh.


Chondrosarcoma; Sternum; Thoracic Surgical Procedures

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