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Primary EndobronchialOsteosarcomatoid Malignant Neoplasm Presenting with Pneumothorax

Morana Vojnic, Eric Gladstone


Introduction: Pulmonary sarcomas are a rare, diverse group of neoplasms. Management is largely guided by limited case series.

Presentation of the case: We present a case of an elderly male who presented with acute respiratory failure due to pneumothorax, confirmed on bronchoscopy to have an obstructing mass in the left mainstem bronchus. Biopsy revealed the lesion to be consistent with a sarcomatoid malignant neoplasm with osteosarcomatoid features. A PET-CT showed no evidence of extrapulmonary disease.

Conclusion: There are several subtypes of pulmonary sarcoma. Pulmonary osteosarcomas carry an especially poor prognosis.


sarcoma; osteosarcoma; pulmonary; endobronchial; pneumothorax

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