Kaisar Dauyey, Dinara Jumadilova


Introduction: Colorectal cancer (CRC) is generally expected among population above 60 years of age and rarely occurs in younger age groups. Its occurrence in young individuals is sporadic and has poor prognosis.

Presentation of the case: A 24-year old woman, previously healthy, delivered her first child and subsequently developed pelvic problems. Despite multiple surgeries and diagnostic work-up, which included cross-sectional imaging, the patient’s diagnosis remained unknown. At the time of diagnosis with a colonoscopic evaluation, the patient was in the late stage of disease and died few months later.

Conclusion: CRC should be in the differentials list in all patient cases, when suggestive symptoms present, regardless of age and other factors. Its association with pregnancy may obscure symptoms and delay the diagnosis.


Colorectal cancer, post-partum, young age

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