Rectal Carcinoma Metastasis to the Thyroid Gland - the Role of Radiotherapy: A Case Report

Danijela Scepanovic, Mojmir Masar, Andrea Masarykova, Pavol Bires, Marek Paluga, Margita Pobijakova


Introduction: To date,  a very rare occurrence of thyroid metastases from rectal cancer is described  in the literature. Although there are no treatment standards for this condition, surgery still has a major role in the treatment of these patients. However, radiotherapy has a controversial role and its significance is rather palliative.

Case Presentation: We presented a male patient with metastatic rectal carcinoma to the thyroid gland who has been treated with surgery and palliative radiotherapy in our institution.

Conclusion: Although thyroid metastases from rectal cancer are rare, we recommend to think on their potential occurrence what could enable early diagnosis and more successful treatment.


thyroid metastases, rectal carcinoma, radiotherapy

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