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Rosai Dorfman Disease of the Orbit

Geetha Narayanan, Pranab Prabhakaran, Priya Mary Jacob, Rekha Nair, Ani Sreedhar


 Introduction: Rosai-Dorfman disease or Sinus Histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy (SHML) is a rare, benign and self-limited histiocytic proliferative disorder which affects mainly lymph nodes and very rarely extranodal sites.

Presentation of case: A 60 year old lady with SHML of orbit is described. She underwent excision of the mass, received steroids for 6 weeks and is in remission at 2 years.

Conclusion: Though the orbit is a rare site for SHML, the disease should be considered in the differential diagnosis of orbital swellings.



SHML; Rosai Dorfman; Orbit

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