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Allotriophagia of A Bundle of Dried Reeds, Sudden Death, and Colon Cancer: A Case Report

Mutsushi Matsuyama, Keita Ito, Kazuo Kato


Introduction: Epilepsy patients sometimes exhibit abnormal behavior, such as allotriophagia. We experienced a case of allotriophagia of dried reeds, which resulted in massive vomitings and sudden death.

Presentation of case: A 69-year-old man died after vomitings of a large amount of bloody solution. Autopsy revealed that sharp edge of a piece of dried reeds penetrated the whole layer of the colon at the oral edge of the colon cancer.

Conclusion: A bundle of dried reeds stuck in the cancerous ulcer in the colon and induced massive bleeding.


Epilepsy; Allotriophagia; Dried reeds; Hematemesis; Sudden death; Colon cancer; Smooth muscle action

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