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Renal Carcinoid Tumor – Primary or Metastatic? A Case Report

Vânia Grenha, Bruno Pereira, Rui Martins, Hugo Coelho, Edson Retroz, Alfredo Mota


Introduction: Renal carcinoid tumor is an extremely rare neoplasia. It arises from neuroendocrine cells, which have never been identified within the normal renal parenquima. After diagnosis, which is usually histological and proceeds nephrectomy, it is therefore important to exclude a primary tumor located elsewhere. Somatostatin receptor scintigraphy is a fundamental test in identification of primary tumor/metastases.

Presentation of Case: We present a 77 year old man with this rare tumor: a primary carcinoid renal tumor, diagnosed in Portugal. He was asymptomatic and staging revealed no metastases. A partial nephrectomy was performed. After 2 years of follow up there is no evidence of clinic or imagiologic recurrence.

Conclusion: There are no neuroendocrine cells within renal parenquima. Thus primary renal carcinoid is still a mystery. Our case confirms the existence of this entity and allows us to know more about its natural history. It is important to disclose all cases of this rare condition, so we can better treat these patients in the future.


Primary renal carcinoid tumor; neuroendocrine cells; somatostatin receptor scintigraphy

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