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Late Recurrence of Prostate Cancer Presenting as a Renal Mass

Sarah W. Chan, Aparna Ramaseshan, Borislav Alexiev, Michael Phelan


Introduction: Prostatic carcinoma has variable course of disease progression.  Patients with metastasis from prostate cancer can present with varying symptoms.

Presentation of case: We report a rare case of prostate cancer with renal metastasis 16yrs following radical prostatectomy.  Patient presented with rising PSA levels ten years after his prostatectomy. Although his disease stabilized for a three year period on androgen deprivation therapy, he ultimately died from progression of his renal metastasis.

Conclusions: While prostate cancer can take an indolent course, some patients can have metastatic disease even years after the initial “curative” treatment.  Thus long-term follow-up is crucial in patients with prostate cancer, even many years following initial curative treatment.  


Metastatic prostate cancer; Renal mass

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