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Parotid Adenoidcysticcarcinoma with Multiple Distant Skin Metastases: A Case Report

Serap Karaarslan, Banu Yaman, Uğur Çerçi, Mehmet Hüsnü Buğdayci, Ali Veral


Introduction: Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC) is one of the malignancy and commonly seen in the minor salivary glands and hard palate. The lung is the most common hematogenous spread site,  followed by the bones, liver and brain. Skin and skeletal muscle metastases are very rare.

Case Presentation: We present a 59-year-old male operated for a left parotid gland mass five years ago. The excision material was diagnosed as ACC. The patient developed lung metastases after about 10 months. Multiple small masses were noticed on the middle phalanxes of the right hand during a follow-up after five years and were excised. These masses were considered to be skin metastases of the parotideal adenoid cystic carcinoma compared to the parotideal excision.

Conclusion: Conclusion: Metastases of the ACC are most commonly seen in the lung, followed by the bone, liver and brain. However, skin and skeletal muscle metastases are rare. A thorough physical examination should be carried out in routine follow-ups and small lesions should not be ignored.


AdenoidCysticCarcinoma; multipl metastases; skin; phalanxes

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