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Disease Control of Pulmonary Inflammatory Pseudotumor by Multidisciplinary Approach

RASHA ABO EL HASSAN, Manal El Mahdy, Ibrahem Kasb


Introduction: Inflammatory pseudotumor is a rare tumor of the lung, which is usually misdiagnosed as malignancy. Most of early cases are treated with complete excision, but advanced cases: radiation therapy, steroids and chemotherapy will be a part of treatment plan. Multidisciplinary approach can save many cases of inflammatory pseudotumor and other rare diseases.

Case Report: we reporting a case of advanced inflammatory pseudotumor with had a long disease control with multidisciplinary approach in the form of chemotherapy, steroids, radiation therapy and surgery.

Conclusion: Advanced IP of the lung is rare disease with unknown etiology, where multidisciplinary team is needed for diagnosis and treatment: maximum safe debulking, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and steroids can be the suitable combined treatment for many advanced cases


advanced pulmonary inflammatory pseudotumor; multidisciplinary approach; disease control

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