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Leukemic Infiltration of the Esophagus, a Rare Etiology for a Common Disease

Yaseen Alastal, Tariq A Hammad, Muhammad Ali Khan, Osama Alaradi, Ali Nawras, Basmah W Khalil


Introduction: The etiology of esophagitis in patients with acute leukemia is usually related to infections, reflux, or chemotherapy toxicity. Infiltration of esophagus by leukemic cells is rarely considered in the differential diagnosis.

Presentation of Case: Here we present a case of 87-year-old male patient with a recent diagnosis of acute myelocytic leukemia who was found to have severe diffuse esophagitis secondary to leukemic infiltration.

Conclusion: Leukemic infiltration of the esophagus is a rare potential etiology of severe esophagitis in patients with disseminated leukemia. Esophageal biopsy is needed to identify the exact cause of esophageal lesions in leukemia patient.


Esophagus; leukemia

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