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Increasing Jaundice Secondary to an Acute Toxic Hepatitis Induced by Levofloxacin in a 20-year-old Man with a Fibrolamellar Hepatocarcinoma

Robert Diaz Beveridge, Gema Bruixola, Javier Caballero, Enrique Jimenez, Martin Prieto, Encarnacion Reche, Jorge Aparicio


Introduction: Levofloxacin-induced liver injury is rare and usually mild and transient. Presentations in the form of acute fulminant hepatitis are extremely uncommon.

Presentation of the case: We report the case of a 20-year old man with a fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma (fHCC), with affected retroperitoneal lymph nodes but no hepatic disease involvement. After receiving levofloxacin for the treatment of a community-acquired pneumonia, he developed hyperbilirrubinemia and abnormal liver function tests in the context of an acute cholestasic toxic hepatitis. In spite of optimal supportive treatment, that included admission in the Intensive Unit Care and extracorporeal albumin dialysis detoxification, the patient developed a rapidly progressive liver failure and died a month after the beginning of the process. The necropsy findings confirmed extensive drug-induced hepatic necrosis. No liver involvement by the fHCC was found in the autopsy.

Conclusion: Rarer intercurrent conditions, such as drug-induced hepatotoxicity, should be taken into account in cancer patients with deranged liver function tests, even in those patients with advanced disease.



fibrolamellar hepatocarcinoma; toxic hepatitis; levofloxacin; drug-induced liver injury (DILI); hepatotoxicity

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