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Skin Mass as a Presenting Feature of Renal Cell Carcinoma: Need for High Index of Suspicion

Waqas Jehangir, Saddam Aldabag, Mellisa Gonzales, Katherine Ebella, Ayad Sadda, Talina Kuznetsov, Abdalla Yousif, Shuvendu Sen


Introduction: Renal cell carcinoma is the most common form of malignant renal tumor. Clinical presentation of Sarcomatoid Renal Cell Carcinoma (sRCC) varies widely and is dependent on the stage at which the diagnosis has been reached. At the time of diagnosis, about one-third of patients develop metastasis affecting the lung, lymphatic, liver, bone, contralateral kidney, adrenal glands, and brain. Case Report: A 46 year old Hispanic female with no significant past medical history presents to the Emergency department with recurrent episodes of dizziness, difficulty breathing, dry mouth, weakness, and productive cough without blood. She initially presents with a rare initial dermatological finding related to her current condition.

Conclusion: Sarcomatoid Renal Cell Carcinoma is a rare variant of RCC with stage-dependent outcomes. Initial presentations may not be very obvious in suspicion of sRCC. However, in this particular case, the external findings happened to be the initial presentation, prompting further evaluation of the patient. Delving into the features of sRCC and maintaining all possibilities may allow future workup of the more common variants of RCC to be included in the investigation of sentinel lesions seen in the more rare variants.


Renal cell carcinoma, Sarcomatoid, Cutaneous metastasis

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