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Bilateral Extraocular Muscle Metastases from Breast Cancer in a Patient with Thyroid Eye Disease

Valerie Juniat, Saul Rajak, Dinesh Selva


Introduction: Breast cancer is a very rare cause of bilateral extraocular muscle metastasis. Extraocular metastasis can be missed in patients with concurrent orbital pathology.

Presentation of Case: We present a further case of a 71-year-old lady with concurrent thyroid eye disease. She initially presented with bilateral restriction of extraocular movements before developing unilateral ptosis and visual reduction. An extraocular muscle biopsy confirmed metastatic lobular breast carcinoma.

Conclusion: This case adds to the literature base on extra-ocular muscle metastasis and highlights the importance of maintaining a high index of suspicion particularly in the presence of co-existing orbital pathology.  We also review the other cases in the literature and the differences in clinico-radiological presentation of thyroid eye disease and extraocular muscle metastases.


Extraocular muscle metastasis; breast cancer

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