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A Rare Incidence of Malignant Eccrine Spiradenoma in a Male’s Breast

Nisarg Vinu Patel, Spencer Kwasnicki, Raj Patel, Stephen M Abo, Hemant Patel, Eliezer Seguerra


Introduction:  Malignant eccrine spiradenoma is a rare cutaneous tumor of sweat gland origin. It is even more rare to develop malignant eccrine spiradenoma located in the breast. Eccrine spiradenoma is a benign sweat-gland tumor which can arise on skin surfaces of the head, neck, limbs, and trunk [1].Kersting and Helwig were the first to describe spiradenoma as a skin adnexal neoplasm with a very slow growth pattern [2].Malignant eccrine spiradenoma (MES) is one of the rarest sweat-gland tumors and can arise from benign eccrine spiradenoma [3]or, less frequently, develop de novo.

Case Presentation: We encountered a 74 year old male with a two centimeter malignant eccrine spiradenoma located at the six o’ clock position three centimeters from the right nipple with no skin changes present.

Conclusion: The development of MES in a male’s breast is a very rare condition. A high index of clinical suspicion is required to reach a diagnosis. Furthermore, no gold standard management option exists and treatment should be individualized.


Malignant eccrine spiradenoma, differentiated invasive ductal cancer, modified radical mastectomy, breast cancer male

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