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Primary Breast Sarcoma: A Case Report

Richard Downs Wagner, Rakhshanda Rahman


Introduction: Breast sarcomas are very rare, accounting for less than 1% of all breast malignancies and less than 5% of all soft tissue sarcomas [1,2]. They can develop as primary malignancies or secondary to radiation therapy or after treatment of another malignancy [3,4]. Primary breast sarcomas are particularly rare, accounting for only 44.8 new cases per 10 million women [5]. Because breast sarcomas are so rare, clinical research is difficult and there is little data to guide management. Most published data on breast sarcomas is limited to small retrospective case reviews and case reports.

Case presentation: A 65 year-old woman presented with a three week history of swelling and bleeding of her left breast. On initial exam, there was an ulcerated, exophytic multinodular mass of the inferior, medial aspect of the right breast measuring approximately 18 cm. Ultrasound guided biopsy was performed which revealed the mass was a high grade pleomorphic breast sarcoma. The patient underwent a right mastectomy. Three months later, the patient re-presented with a bleeding lesion on her scalp. Fine needle aspiration was performed, which revealed a high grade, poorly differentiated malignancy.

Conclusion: This case represents a very rare form of breast sarcoma and could potentially contribute to the body of scientific evidence on breast sarcomas. A centralized registry might be able to compile this and other evidence for further analysis to better understand breast sarcomas and guide management.


breast cancer; breast sarcoma

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