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Malignant Melanoma of the Penis in a Patient with a History of Prostate Brachytherapy: A Case Report and Review of Literature

John Roehmholdt, Max Roehmholdt


Introduction: Penile melanoma is rare and usually results in a poor prognosis. We report a case on a male who presents with penile melanoma after being treated with radiation therapy for his prostate cancer.

Presentation of Case: We describe a rare case of penile melanoma discovered  3 years post radiation therapy for prostate cancer in an 84 year old gentleman. The patient presented with a dark skin lesion on the glans. It was noted in the patient’s chart that there was no prior history of melanoma or sun exposure to the genital region. Upon further work up, the patient was found to have penile melanoma without metastases. The patient opted for a partial penectomy. After routine follow up, through 7 year later, the patient continues to show no evidence of reoccurrence of melanoma or metastatic disease.

Conclusion: While melanoma is common in the male gender, penile melanoma is found to be only a very small percentage of these cases. Particular interest was taken in this case due to the patient’s history of being treated with Brachytherapy I-125 seeds for his prostate cancer. Although probable cause of the melanoma is unclear, further investigation is warranted for patients who develop penile melanoma post radiation therapy for prostate cancer. 


Brachytherapy; Melanoma; Penile Neoplasms.

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