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Enhancement of Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Polycarbonate/Poly(Ethylene Oxide) and Carbon Black Composite

Ayesha Kausar


Electrically conducting composites consisting of polycarbonate/poly(ethylene oxide) (PC/PEO) and carbon black (CB) were prepared by solution method. Results showed that the dispersion of CB in the blend matrix was uniform due to interaction between the blend components (PC/PEO) and CB particles. Scanning electron microscopic (SEM) images showed fine dispersion of connected granular CB composite particles. The electrical conductivity and mechanical properties of PC/PEO/CB 1-10 composites were strongly dependent on the filler content. The yield strength of the composites increased from 41-71 MPa compared with neat blend (27 MPa). The electrical conductivity of PC/PEO/CB 1-10 was in the range of 1.1×10-2 to1.1 Scm-1 relative to neat blend (10-12 Scm-1).


Polycarbonate; poly(ethylene oxide); carbon black; yield strength; electrical conductivity

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