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Preservation of Ovarian Function in Young Women with Gynecologic Cancer Desiring Future Pregnancy: A Review

Nader Husseinzadeh


Objective: The aim of this paper is to present an overview of available published methods for preservation of ovarian function and fertility in young patients with gynecologic malignancies who desire to maintain their child-bearing capacity or ovarian function.

Methods: A Medline search was conducted and published articles from American and European studies from 1984 to present were reviewed. The effect of cancer treatment on reproductive capacity and different methods of fertility preservation with their reproductive outcomes and ovarian function and long term side effects are presented.

Results: The pregnancy rate in patients with gynecologic malignancies varies according to the type of the malignancy, stage of disease, treatment modalities, and other factors such as patient’s age and reproductive capacity, status of sexual partner, and potential for surrogacy. The highest success rates of pregnancy have been reported in patients who had fertility-sparing surgery and utilized assisted reproduction technology.

Conclusion: Today, higher cure rates and longer survival are a result of early cancer detection and treatment. In conjunction with the advances in assisted reproduction and fertility , the preservation of ovarian function and fertility has become a major part of contemporary patient care and should be offered to any young patient with gynecologic cancer. These alternative options are appropriate only in highly selective patients with good prognoses. A multidisciplinary approach and collaboration between other related disciplines might optimize a successful outcome in these patients.


Fertility, ovarian function,gynecologic cancer,

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