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Novel ivermectin drug binding sites in the C-terminal domain of influenza A virus nuclear export protein

vivek darapaneni


The nuclear export protein of Influenza A Virus is a multifunctional protein. The nuclear export protein of Influenza A Virus play imperative roles in the virus life cycle. The objective of the present study was to identify the ivermectin drug binding sites in the C-terminal domain of nuclear export protein of Influenza A Virus. The study was based on the experimental protein structure of C-terminal domain (residues 63-116) of nuclear export protein. On the whole, this study exposed four novel ivermectin binding sites in the functional regions of the C-terminal region of the protein. In conjunction with the conservational analysis of nuclear export protein which was previously determined, binding site 1 was found to be completely conserved, whereas the rest of the binding sites showed varied level of conservation. Therefore ivermectin targeting these drug binding sites is less likely to become ineffective due to drug resistance in the future. This makes IVM an effective and efficient anti-NEP drug.


Nuclear export protein; Non-structural protein 2; Drug; Ivermectin; Resistance; Influenza A virus

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