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CAM5.2 Expression in Metastatic Tumours of CNS: A Diagnostic Tool

S K Mathur, rama goyal, Sumiti Gupta, Sanjay Kumar, Rahul Goyal, Nisha Marwah, Sonia Chhabra


Introduction: Secondary tumours or metastases account for more than half of all brain tumours in adults. Central nervous system is most commonly a target of metastatic dissemination. The judicious use of  selected immunostains is unquestionably helpful in diagnostically challenging cases. CAM 5.2 being highly specific, is emerging as a specific marker to diagnose metastatic carcinoma.

Presentation of case: Total six metastatic tumours were studied using CAM5.2. Histopathological sections of brain tissue were stained by routine hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) as per standard technique. Representative sections were subjected to immunohistochemical staining with CAM 5.2. Skin biopsy act as a positive control for cytokeratin.

All of the 6 cases showed positivity for CAM 5.2. CAM5.2 expression in metastatic tumours was statistically significant (sensitivity 100% & 100% specificity).

Conclusion: We conclude in our study that CAM5.2 was significantly associated with metastatic tumours, as they were positive using this specific marker.


CAM5.2; Metastatic CNS tumours; Cytokeratin

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