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Textile Nanocomposite of Polymer/Carbon Nanotube

Ayesha Kausar


Carbon nanotube (CNT) possess outstanding electrical, mechanical, anisotropic, and thermal properties to be employed in several material science applications. Polymer/carbon nanotube forms an important class of nanocomposites for textile uses. Different techniques have been used to develop such textiles including dip coating, spraying, wet spinning, electrospinning, etc. Enhanced nanocomposite performance has been attributed to synergistic effect of polymer and carbon nanotube nanofiller. Textile performance of polymer/CNT nanocomposite has been potentially important for flame retardant clothing, electromagnetic shielding wear, anti-bacterial fabric, flexible sensors, and waste water treatment. In this article, researches on application areas of polymer/CNT in textile industry has been reviewed. Modification of nanotube may lead to variety of further functional textiles with different high performance properties.


Polymer; carbon nanotube; nanocomposite; textile

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