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Properties and Applications of Nanodiamond Nanocomposite

Ayesha Kausar


Nanodiamond is a unique zero-dimensional nanocarbon structure havinghigh surface areas, mechanical features, optical properties, electronic properties, chemical properties, and tunable surface characteristics. Several techniques involving high pressure and temperature have been used for the synthesis of micro- and nano-crystalline diamond particles. Surface doping and introduction of functional groups may help to alter the optical, electronic, mechanical, and chemical properties of nanodiamond structures. Owing to non-toxicity and biocompatibility, nanodiamond-based nanocomposite are suitable for biomedical applications such as bioimaging, drug delivery, and tissue engineering. Other technological applications of nanodiamond nanocomposite are for mechanical and thermal solicitations, and electrical and electrochemical applications.


Nanodiamond; nano-crystalline; electronic; biomedical

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