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Review on Structure, Properties and Appliance of Essential Conjugated Polymers

Ayesha Kausar


One of the important classes of polymers is conductive polymers. These polymers mainly comprise of aromatic and aliphatic backbone. Polyaniline is one of most important type of conjugated polymers due to its excellent conductivity and other essential physical properties. Consequently, main focus of this review is structure, properties and application of technically important conjugated polymer. The conducting polymers such as polyaniline, polythiophene, polypyrrole, polyacetylene and pol(p-phenylene) have been discussed. Conductive polymer offers significant conductivity values similar to that of metal and semiconductors. Finally, the uses of polymers in different technical fields such as sensors, rechargeable batteries, photovoltaics, and fuel cells have been conversed.


Conducting polymer; Polyaniline; Conductivity; Sensor

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