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Application of New Synthetic Fifth Generation Thickeners for Printing Cotton Fabric with Reactive Dyes

Md. Forhad Hossain, Md. Asaduzzaman, kamruzzaman Md., Md. Eman Talukder, Mohammad Raza MIAH, Heng Quan


In this study,  fifth generation thickener EM620R (polyacrylate emulsion) was developed for reactive printing due to traditional thickener sodium alginate and synthetic thickener caused less saturation of color and increased fabric stiffness.  Printing was evaluated for the depth of the shade as well as other properties. The properties was obtained not only depending on the thickener and reactive dye but also depends on the concentration of NaHCO3, Urea in Printing paste, condition of fixation and storing time.  After comparison with synthetic thickener and sodium alginate on the basis of K/S  value in different situation, AATCC method fastness test; an extra ordinary  result came out which was shown as like EM620R (polyacrylate emulsion) > EM620 (polyacrylate emulsion) > Sodium Alginate. Although EM620R (polyacrylate emulsion) development solved the problem and increased the properties which create unthinkable impact on the world market for cost effectiveness.


Reactive printing; cotton fabric; synthetic thickener; EM620R; sodium alginate

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