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Development of Weft Knitted Heating Pads on V-bed Hand Flat Knitting Machine by Using Conductive Yarns

Abdul Rehman Akbar, Md. Kamruzzaman, Weilin Xu, Sayyam Gull, Waqas Ahmed, Junaid Khalid


In this investigation weft knitted heating pad was developed on V-bed hand flat knitting machine by using acrylic, polyester as a main yarns  and three different copernic, thermotech –N, thermaram  as conductive yarns with both all knit and inlaid insertion. Moreover time period for heating of yarn, recovery time of yarn for making weft knitted heating pad, structural comparison of different conductive yarn as copernic, thermaram ,thermotech –N  and main yarn as acrylic yarn, polyester yarn was studied. Through analysis conductive yarn that inlaid in the acrylic yarn showed satisfactory heating performance for different time periods and retained more heat rather than polyester yarn. Copernic conductive yarn and thermotech-N conductive yarn had high resistance when compared with thermaram conductive yarn that generated more heat. Acrylic yarn when used as main yarn having conductive thermotech-N yarn inlaid in its structure had produced better heating and retaining properties for the weft knitted heating pad.


Heating pad; conductive yarn; acrylic yarn; polyester yarn; knit fabric; thermal comfort

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