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Effect of Hybridization of Glass/kevlar Fiber on Mechanical Properties of Bast Reinforced Polymer Composites: A Review

Sandeep Kumar, Lalta Prasad, Vinay Kumar Patel


Natural fibres are gaining more and more interest as reinforcing materials for polymer composite due to their environmental and economical benefits.  Bast fibers is a prominent reinforcement for use in polymeric materials because of its low specific weight and cost, eco-friendly and abundantly available in nature. Several authors manifest the cellulosic fibers based polymeric composites as advantageously used in automobile industries and structural applications, but certain problems have been associated during usage of such fiber such as high water/mosture-uptake and low strength than inorganic fibers. These problems have been reduced to a major extent with enhancements in mechanical properties by the researchers through hybridization of these natural fiber based composites with synthetic fiber (glass/Kevlar). In the present article, we reviewed the effect of hybridization of glass/Kevlar synthetic fibers on mechanical properties of bast fiber (jute, hemp, kenaf, flax) reinforced polymer composites.


Bast fiber; glass /kevlar fibre; hybrid composites; Mechanical propertie

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