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Influence of Concentrations of Alkali Treatment on Mechanical and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Hemp/Polyester Composite

Manoj Kumar Gupta, R. K. Gond


In present work, hemp fibres were subjected to alkali treatments at various concentrations (5, 10 & 15 wt.%) to prepare its polyester based composites.  Hemp fibre reinforced polyester composites were prepared by hand lay-up technique followed by static compression keeping constant 25 wt.% of fibres content in order to study influence of alkali treatment concentrations on its mechanical and dynamic mechanical properties. Mechanical properties of prepared composites were  studied in terms of tensile strength and modulus, and flexural strength and modulus whereas dynamic mechanical properties were studied in terms of storage modulus (), damping (), glass transition temperature (Tg) and effectiveness constant of reinforcement ().  The results indicated that mechanical and dynamic mechanical properties were found to increase  due to alkali treatment up to 5%  concentration and then decrease.



Alkali treatment; Dynamic Mechanical Properties; Hemp composite; Mechanical properties

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