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Amalgamation of Nanodiamond and Epoxy

Ayesha Kausar


Nanoscale diamond particles are known as nanodiamond (ND). Nanodiamond has attracted much attention of the polymeric composite community. Owing to its superior properties, ND holds great potential to improve tribological characteristics of the composites. In epoxy/nanodiamond nanocomposite, large surface to volume ratio of ND results in dramatic increase in volume of inter-phase, i.e. polymer volume which is close enough to nanodiamond. This, in turn, allows nanodiamond to exert significant impact on epoxy properties even at low concentrations. It is critically important to have physical/covalent bond at epoxy/ND interface from nanoparticle surface to the macromolecules of the matrix. Mechanical properties, thermal properties, and electrical conductivity of the covalently compatiblized epoxy/ND composite have been found better than neat epoxy matrices and compatible composites. Epoxy/ND composite has huge range of technical applications ranging from biomedical—to—electronics—to—aerospace.

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