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Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Nanobifiller filled Epoxy Anti-Corrosive Nano-Organic coating for High Performance Automotive Applications

Sagheer Gul, Ayesha Kausar, Bakhtiar Muhammad, Saira Jabeen, Muhammad Farooq, Muhammad Kashif


Nanobifiller filled epoxy, nylon 66 (PA 66) and their blend-based nanocomposites were prepared by solution casting method to produce anti-corrosive and abrasion resistant epoxy nanocoating for aerospace and automotive applications. Nanobifiller was composed of Bentonite clay modified organically with quaternary salt of threonine amino acid and nanodiamonds (ND). Various techniques were implied to investigate anticorrosive properties of polymeric nanocomposites. These techniques include salt spray analysis and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). It was observed that epoxy nanocomposites prepared are much resistant to corrosion as compared to pristine epoxy samples with improved barrier properties.


Nanobifiller; Nanocomposite; Nanocoating; Bentonite; Nanodiamonds.

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