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Investigation of Novel Poly(urethane-urea) and MMT Foams derived via In-situ Technique

Ayesha Kausar


Thermal and mechanical behavior and fire performance of novel series of flame-retardant high impact poly(urethane-urea) (PUU)/montmorillonite nanocomposites and foams were designed and studied by various means. Silicate layers of hydroxyl modified montmorillonite (H-MMT) was well exfoliated in PUU matrix due to in-situ reaction between the clay and poly(urethane-urea). The combination of PUU and montmorillonite modified with bis-2-hydroxyethyl ammonium as flame retardant enhanced the charring capacity and non-flammability of foams and also increased the thermal performance with nanofiller loading. FESEM illustrated increased cell density and reduced cell size in PUU/H-MMT 1-5 Foam (1-5 wt. % nanofiller) relative to pure PUU foam. Compression strength and modulus of PUU/H-MMT 1 Foam (1 wt. % nanofiller) was 30.1 MPa and 3 GPa respectively, which was increased to 36.7 MPa and 8 GPa in PUU/H-MMT 5 Foam (5 wt. % nanofiller). 10 % thermal decomposition temperature of PUU/H-MMT 1-5 Foams were in the range 488–519 °C. In PUU/H-MMT 5 Foam Tg was increased to 157 °C relative to PUU/H-MMT 1 (Tg 147 °C). LOI and UL 94 tests had shown improved non-flammability (V-0 rating) with H-MMT loading.



Poly(urethane-urea); montmorillonite; foam; LOI; UL 94

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