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Poly(bisphenol A-co-epichlorohydrin) and Nanodiamonds/Poly(azo-pyridine)/Polyamide/Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube-based Nanofiber Nanocomposites

Ayesha Kausar


Polyamide was grafted on multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) to produce MWCNT-PA using γ-Phenyl-ε-caprolactone via in-situ polymerization. For the preparation of nanofiber poly(azo-pyridine) (PAP) was also synthesized in this work. MWCNT-PA was then electrospun with PAP and nanodiamond (ND) to yield two types of nanofiber i.e. ND/PAP/MWCNT/PA and PAP/MWCNT/PA nanofibers. Subsequently, poly(bisphenol A-co-epichlorohydrin) (PBAE) was reinforced with electrospun nanofiber to form two types of nanocomposites, with and with out nanodiamond. Scanning and transmission electron microscopy showed that the nanofiber was evenly coated with the epoxy having spherical beads due to agglomeration of matrix at certain places. Tensile studies depicted higher tensile stress value 330.3-341.3 MPa for ND/PAP/MWCNT/PA/PBAE nanocomposite compared with PAP/MWCNT/PA/PBAE nanocomposites without nanodiamonds i.e. 288.1-299.9 MPa. Thermal stability of ND/PAP/MWCNT/PA nanofiber reinforced epoxy was significantly higher T10 536-546 ºC and Tg 301-311 ºC relative to PAP/MWCNT/PA system. Another advantage of the inclusion of nanodiamond in nanofiber was the increased electrical conductivity of ND/PAP/MWCNT/PA/PBAE nanocomposites in the range 4.1-5.5 Scm-1. Owing to outstanding properties of ND/PAP/MWCNT/PA/PBAE, imperative electronic, optical and aerospace industrial applications are expected.


In-situ polymerization; electrospun; poly(bisphenol A-co-epichlorohydrin); nanodiamond; multi-walled carbon nanotube

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