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Hybrid Composite Laminates from ESOA-BisGMA Blend and 2-Hydroxyethyl Acrylate (HEA) Treated Jute Fiber

Ankita Pritam Praharaj, D. Behera, T. K. Bastia, A. K. Rout


The development of an inter-cross-linked polymer network of thermoset-thermoset blends have been extensively studied due to their enhanced mechanical properties. Among various polymer blends, modifications of vinyl ester resin (VER) i.e. styrene cross-linkable Bisphenol-A glycidyldimethacrylate (BisGMA) with epoxidized soybean oil acrylate (ESOA) combinations are an attractive route to promote the performance of the thermoset matrix and to overcome the inferior properties of both the components. The primary goal of this research is to develop hybrid composite laminates from ESOA-BisGMA blend (50:50 wt%) using both untreated and 2-hydroxyethyl acrylate (HEA) treated jute fiber as reinforcement and then to characterize thereof. The mechanical properties like tensile strength, bending strength & bending E.modulus, dynamic mechanical analysis, corrosion and ageing studies have been investigated. The results suggested improved properties of the hybrid systems with the incorporation of ESOA-BisGMA blend as the composite matrix. Moreover, HEA treatment of jute fiber enhanced the composite properties further, which interestingly, outperformed the parent ESOA-BisGMA blend and untreated jute-ESOA/BisGMA blend based composite. In this investigation 5 ply of jute fabric has been reinforced into ESOA-BisGMA blend matrix, so that at a low cost thin sheets can be produced. This may be used as an alternate material to wood, which has not been carried out elsewhere.


ESOA-BisGMA blend; HEA, Jute fiber; Mechanical properties; Dynamic mechanical analysis; Corrosion and ageing studies

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