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Development, Characterization of Hydroxyl Terminated Dendritic Macromolecules as Prospective Drug Carriers

Dhaval Gajjar, Devang Wadia, Rajni Patel, Pravinkumar Patel


The principal aspiration is to develop triazine dendrimers as potential drug carriers for sustained release. Triazine based dendrimer was synthesized by divergent method evading protection/ deprotection or functional group interconversion. Synthesized dendrimers were characterized by FTIR, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR and ESI-Mass spectrometry. Synthesized full generation dendrimers G1, G2 and G3 were applied as solubility enhancers of hydrophobic drug ketoprofen. Ketoprofen was loaded by G3 dendrimer by inclusion complex method. Sustained release of ketoprofen from ketoprofen loaded dendrimer was studied and compared to of free ketoprofen. Cytotoxicity and hemolytic assay of dendrimer was studied to evaluate toxicity of dendrimer as drug vehicle.


Triazine based dendrimer; ketoprofen; sustained release; cytotoxicity; hemolysis

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