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Investigation on the Thermo-Regulating Fabric by Using Phase Change Material for Modern Textile Practical Application

Md Nahid Pervez, Asfandyar Khan, Imran Ahmad Khan


Phase change materials (PCM) which can store energy and increased thermal properties of fabric applied on over a narrow temperature range. It is antiphonal to temperature change by absorbing or releasing heat which is potential for human skin. PCM for Thermal Energy Storage (TES) are materials supplying thermal regulation and change particular phase in temperatures by absorbing and emitting medium condition heat. Polyethylene glycol (PEG-1000) is used as PCM in this experiment and we took a 2.5% concentration that was encapsulated by using an in-situ polymerization technique. PEG microcapsules are verified by measuring FTIR analysis and DSC studies. The heat storage capacity of 2.5% PEG coated fabric was determined to be 2842.5120 J/g and for binder coated fabric 1557.8 J/g by DSC analysis and FT-IR analysis of PEG microcapsules exhibited the highest peak at 3400-2400cm−1 this is the characteristic absorption peaks of –OH stretching vibrations and we got average stiffness values for binder coated is 0.49 (warp wise) and 0.57(weft wise) and for 2.5% PEG coated is 0.71(warp wise) and 0.98(weft wise).  After that the treated fabrics were characterized with respect to their morphology and the laundering durability testing of 5 and 10 cycles was evaluated for practical use. In this paper we investigated about cooling effect of Fabric by using 2.5%. PCMs via the storage of latent heat by producing microcapsules showed higher thermal energy amount, than the binder coated fabric.


Phase Change Material (PCM); Binder; Thermal comfort; Cotton; Encapsulation; laundering durability

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