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Silicone softener synthesis and application on knit and woven white cotton fabrics

Md. Moyinul Islam, Ashraful Islam, Jiang Huiyu


Silicone Softener have wide spread applications in textile dyeing and finishing. In this paper three different samples of Silicone Softener softeners were synthesized on the basis of a new recipe with different chemical ratio and each of them have been used on knit and woven cotton white fabrics.  Several tests have been done on Silicone Softener like ionic surfactant test, solid content test, stability test etc. Although, several tests were done on the Silicone Softener treated knit and woven white cotton fabrics e.g. fabric whiteness test, Tensile strength test, absorbency test. From these test results, observation and comparison it has come out that, the best silicone softener among the three, increases the fabric softness, flexibility but imparts relatively less absorbency property. It can endow the textiles with soft, fluffy style. Proper stability and durability can reduce the problem of the roller sticky, floating oil. It is colorless and transparent thick liquid and easy to dilute. It has the excellent affinity to all kinds of fabrics including cotton knit fabrics, woven cotton fabrics, jute etc. The overall results come out with great prospect for Silicone Softener “Sample C” in textile finishing.


Application; Knit Fabric; Silicone Softener; Synthesis; Woven Fabrics; White Cotton Fabric

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