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Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Polyamide 1010 Composites Filled with Nanodiamond/Graphitized Carbon Black Nanoparticles

Ayesha Kausar


A series of polyamide 1010 (PA1010) composites were prepared by melt technique. A combination of two ball milled nanfillers were used to reinforce the composites i.e. nanodiamond (ND) and graphitized carbon black (GCB). The structure of nanocomposites was characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The mechanical tests showed that the tensile strength and Young modulus increased as the ND/GCB content was increased. Compared with pure PA1010, the Young’s modulus and tensile strength of PA1010/ND/GCB 20 were significantly improved by 52 % and 22 %, respectively. On the other hand, the elongation at break of PA1010/ND/GCB composites was decreased with the increasing proportion of nanobifiller. For the composites containing 20 wt.% ND/GCB, the elongation at break was decreased to 2 % compared with 5 wt.% loaded PA1010 (25 %) prepared under the same experimental conditions. Scanning electron microscopic (SEM) images showed that the nanobifiller was uniformly dispersed on the fractured surfaces of the nanocomposite and exhibited strong interfacial adhesion with the polyamide matrix. Thermal stability of PA1010/ND/GCB 20 was improved significantly (Tmax = 530 ºC) relative to 5 wt. %  PA1010 composite (Tmax = 489 ºC) and neat polyamide.


PA1010; nanodiamond, graphitized carbon black; ball milling; tensile strength; thermal stability

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